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From Bedridden, Constipated & Peeing on Myself to Becoming a Vibrant, THRIVING, Health Coach!… This is my story

Hello everyone! I’m new to this platform and thought I’d make my first post a rather memorable one. My name is Jeannie Nahashon and I am weeks away from graduating from the New York City based Institute For Integrative Nutrition as a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. We all have a story with health and mine is quite the fascinating one, so I thought I’d share what led me to this profession because sometimes in sharing our stories we learn that we are not the only ones that are struggling with these “invisible illnesses”.

I know it’s not commonplace to jump into pressing questions of strangers but, have you ever had random digestive issues and gone from doctor to doctor with no diagnosis for what’s wrong? Have most of them told you “I found nothing wrong” after running test after test on you? Have you suffered from constipation, diarrhea or a mix of both at random or for a prolonged period of time? Have your symptoms reduced your quality of life?

I TOTALLY understand all to well the struggle of going from perfectly healthy “I can eat whatever I want” to “I’m sick with I don’t know what and no Doctor can tell me what’s wrong” all in the span of 1 week.

Here’s my gory story on how I went from constipated and bedridden for months, in pain and peeing on myself to getting healthy and becoming a THRIVING Health Coach years later…. Disclaimer: I’m not shy about bodily fluids.

The year was 2011 and it was 1 week before graduating from college and I noticed hadn’t pooped for a whole week. Yes, a WEEK! I had been regular my whole life but all the sudden, almost over night, I hadn’t gone poop. This persisted for weeks and weeks, through graduation and through my post graduate travels to celebrate. When I finally touched back down in the U.S, that’s when my body totally gave up. Not only had I not had a full movement in almost 2 months, I was now REALLY sick, in worlds of pain, had urinary incontinence and was bedridden. I couldn’t sit in a car for longer than 15 mins without having to pee. I was a wreck!

I went from Doctor to Doctor who ran test after test on me, and gave me no diagnosis. “Your blood looks great” said one doctor, “everything looks fine” said another, “IBS is what I’m diagnosing you with. And here are some stool softeners” said another. But NONE told me what was actually going on. SO, I took matters into my own hands and called the big guns, a Naturopathic Doctor.

My new doctor tested every fluid and even ran fecal tests. What she found was alarming! She diagnosed me with a gut bacteria overgrowth that was inflaming and shutting my system down. I was immediately put on a protocol of an anti-inflammatory medical diet and prescribed supplements that restored balance in my system. Within a few weeks my body was almost healthier than it was before this whole ordeal.

What I learned through this experience later manifested itself into who I am today. A thriving Health Coach with a profound knowledge on the digestive system, our relationship with food, and our connection to our environment and stress.

This experience + my college degree which was aptly enough a Bachelor of Science in Community Based Health Education + continuing my education at The Institute For Integrative Nutrition = Jeannie the Health Coach!

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Jeannie The Health Coach

I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who specializes in anti-inflammatory foods and an anti-inflammatory lifestyle!